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SilverFox Box4 Bluetooth Commander


SilverFox Box4

Excluding Sales Tax
Estimated next production batch 1/2024
  • - easy Bluetooth connection
    - leads for 4 functions (buttons or switches) 
    - 'Mediaplayer' key set
    - wide range (5-24Vdc) for input power
    - rugged hard anodized surface
    - led indicator for Bluetooth connection
    - IP65 dust and waterproof

  • Connect you own customized button setup. 2 leads (3 wires each) and 1 power lead. Lead lenghts are 1 m.  4 functions are perfect for Digital Roadbook control. Switch/buttons up and down for scrolling the pdf file and switch/buttons for trip trims. Coded as "mediaplayer" key setup, that works for many Roadbook applications.   

    Just solder the switches to signal leads and power the Box from your bike system (12V).

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