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Android Navigation on motorcycle, atv's and snowmobiles.


Android tablets and mobile phones are getting more popular as a major navigation units on motorbikes. There are great rugged waterproof units that are perfectly suitable even the roughiest rides. Positive development. 

But there are some downside of operating such units on/off road conditoins. Driving gears brings limits to operate touch screens. Some of them are capable of sensing through gloves, some of them needs special pointers to operate. Even if your pointer finger works in the system, there are vibrations while driving, vehicle moves, hard to hit the right button on a screen..  too much hasle. 

SilverFox Bluetooth Controllers bring help for this problem. Operate your map application by simple press buttons. Basic movements on/off road are usually scrolling the map, zoom in and out, centering the map to your location. Thats exactly what SilverFox is doing. Plus few other tricks, dependin on the model of the controller.  ... yes there are more models to come!

To make it even easier to start using SilverFox, its connected wirelessly to the Android device, by Bluetooth connection. Simple efective and reliable. 

Made in Finland. 

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