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Installation and Use

SilverFox HomeOne and B8J controllers


 B9 on BMW R1200GS 2010

Mechanical installation:

Slide the plastic adjustment ring on to the 22 mm handlebar. By rotating the adjustment ring you can move the controller forwards or backwards on the handle bar. Clamp the device on the adjustment ring evenly with two M4 screws.


You need to move your mirror-clutch assembly just few millimeters to get the needed space (9 mm) for SilverFox clamp arm.​​

Connect the power cord to the fuse protected 12VDC output of your bike (Operating voltage range 5-24VDC). Double check to make sure to connect the cords are correct; Brown wire to negative (-) and White wire to positive (+).  

HomeOne has both Bluetooth and wired data connectionConnect Yellow wire to your unit TX wire and Green to RX wire. At the moment DMD T865 tablets support the wired connection. Make sure the wires are connected right before power up the unit. TX/RX don't like 12V at all!

New H1 (from 5/2024) units are supplied with M12 connectors to plug&play with T865 harness. And with extra cable strip for just 12VDC power feed for other systems. 


Connect bluetooth: 

Power on the SilverFox. Open the Bluetooth settings on your Android device. Find and tap on the device e.g. "SilverFoxB8J" or "SilverFoxH1" from the list of devices. Accept the pairing request. Your SilverFox is now paired with Bluetooth. 

Install the Button app:

Download Button app , unzip it and install it to your Android device. On first run the app will ask to enable the the accessibility service for Button app. Follow the link and allow the service and permission to use the app. Please check the video. Demo done with Samsung Activetab 3, Android 13 OS.

To enable the Button app on your SilverFox controller, Please use latest firmware. Latest file and instruction installations are here.

If you bought your B8J device from Thork Racing (1/2023 - 2/2024), the Firmware is already compatible with Button app. 

Operating the HomeOne and B8J units:

The Keysets: 

The controllers has two selectable keysets. Both keysets are pre-programmed to send different key codes to the Android device. For example zoom in -button send different command in F1 set than in F2 mode. HomeOne device remember the keyset state when you power off the unit. B8J starts in F1 keyset.

Changing the keyset in B8J has a F1/F2 button on top of the unit. When LED is on, the F1 is activated. LED off and you are in F2 mode. 

In HomeOne controller press both Zoom buttons at the same time, toggles between F1 and F2 (...The Button app update in progress, the active keyset state will shown on your Android screen)


Choose for map applications such as DMD2, OsmAnd, LocusMaps, Google Maps, Waze, Gaia GPS, etc. (listed in Button app). SilverFox B8J starts in F1 mode.  

Joystick movements corresponding left, right, up and down

+ and - buttons are zoom in and out

centering/orientation button center the map to your current position. Holding the button changes the map orientation to the north (if the selected nav application supports the function)



Choose for apps that has special key mappings like Mapitare, Ranniot, Tracker. You can also use this with Locus Maps or Osmand built in customizible controller commands. 

Joystick movements corresponding left, right, up, and down

Center => letter 'C'

Center hold => letter 'D'

+ => character '=' and KEY_NUM_PLUS

Hold + => letter 'A'

-  => character '-' and KEY_NUM_MINUS

Hold - => letter 'B'

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