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FIRMWARE Installation

SilverFox B9 and B8J Bluetooth controllers


 BMW R1200GS 2010

Firmware installation:

SilverFox controllers utilizes Wifi-firmware update protocol. No need for USB cables (no extra sealable connector holes either).

Installation steps:

1. Download the latest firmware and un-Zip it.

2. Make sure the unit is not powered

3. Press and hold [Centering] (the top most button) and Joystick [Left]

4. Switch on the power while still holding the buttons

5. LED will blink rapidly for WiFi-mode. You can release the buttons now. 


PLEASE NOTE 4/2023 and earlier B8J units!!  Press and hold [Centering] (the top most button) and [F1] key to enter WiFi-mode.

6. Connect to WiFi network "SilverFox_wifi" from your tablet, mobile phone or computer. (password is "silverfox")

7. Open your browser and type address

8. Select the firmware file and press "Update"

9. Wait for few seconds and your SilverFox controller is up to date

Latest firmware for B8J controllers:

2023/5 B8J 2.2  this is for standard key layouts

2023/6 B8J_DMD2 1.1  this is optimized for DMD2 app

Latest firmware for B9 controllers:

2023/3 B9 1.4.2

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