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SilverFox H1 Home-One, Bluetooth/Serial communication Controller



SilverFox H1 "HOME-ONE"

Excluding Sales Tax
  • - narrow design
    - adjustable length, +/- 5 mm (see illustration)
    - 3 push buttons and 4 way joystick switch (IP67)
    - wide range, 5-24VDC for input power
    - rugged hard anodized surface
    - IP67 dust and water proof ( = in water max. 30 min/1m deep)
    - Bluetooth and wired connection for DMD-T tablets
    - M12 connector included (Fits directly to DMD T865 harness)
      (M12 updated to units from 5/2024 forward)
    - Made in Finland 


  • Can be installed various bikes or atv's. Fits to handle bar of diameter 22 mm. Design leave room for buttons on front side of the original light console. With help of length adjust ring, unit can be mounted and fine tuned on wide variety of handle bars. Bluetooth connection and wired connection for DMD-T tablets

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